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Choosing the Background

I think one of the hardest parts of stitching hand painted canvas needlepoint is finding the perfect background. This article will help you evaluate different choices for background stitches and make suggestions for what will work. Aspects of Stitches All stitching has three aspects which need to be considered when evaluating them for backgrounds. They […]

Deciphering a Stitch Guide

When you buy needlepoint stitch guides, especially if you are ordering them on-line, you sometimes feel as if you aren’t getting what you expected. The guide comes, you look at that pile of threads, read through the guide, look at the canvas and have no idea where to begin. Relax, take a deep breath, it […]

The Parts of a Stitch Guide

Needlepoint Stitch Guides can be confusing at first. Understanding the parts of a guide and why they are there can help you find your way when stitching from one and help you know if the product you have bought will make it easier to stitch the canvas. Picture: A guide with a picture of the […]