Category: Custom Guides

These pages link to custom products of various kinds from Quick Stitch Help, Background Guides, and Thread Maps to complete custom stitch guides.

Custom Stitch Guides

A needlepoint isn’t finished until it is stitched, needlepoint stitch guides help you go from the painted canvas to a finished piece of needle art. Whenever you pick threads and stitches for your design, you are doing the same thing stitch guide writers do. The difference is that they write it down so that you […]

Quick Stitch Help

Needlepoint Stitches Help is here to rescue you from your needlepoint problems. Sometimes, you just don’t know what stitch to pick for an area. But you don’t want the expense of a full stitch guide. Maybe you don’t like the stitch listed in your stitch guide. Maybe no stitch looks good to you. Maybe you […]

Easy Stitch Guides

For many stitchers lots of threads and stitches is just too challenging. You want your canvas to look great but without being too hard or too stressful. That’s where my easy stitch guides come in, starting at $25 these customized guides are like my custom stitch guides but they use fewer threads and stitches and […]

Background Stitch Guide

How many canvases do you have in your “not quite finished” pile, languishing because you want an insanely great background idea? Put my expertise in needlepoint and other needlework techniques to use to help you. I have used many different techniques and adapted them to needlepoint backgrounds including pattern darning, bargello, blackwork, and lots of […]

Thread Maps

For many people picking the threads to use is the most challenging part of a needlepoint. Once the threads are in hand, the stitching seems easy in comparison. Many shops charge as much as $50 to pull your threads and then you may not even have instructions. With THread Maps you get a customized list […]