Petei People Robot Stitch Map

needlepoint robot by petei, stitch guide by janet perry

Petei’s delightful needlepoint designs are such fun to stitch. They are small, fast to do (this took me a day and a half), but can have lots of detail and fun stitches.

This little robot is perfect for a geek or for a little boy. I love its retro, SciFi movie style.

A Stitch Map is available for this little guy and can be ordered using the buttons below. Stitch Maps are shorter, simpler stitch guides. They still give you materials lists and diagrams, but they cut right to the chase.

Best of all they are considerably less expensive than stitch guides.

The PDF version (to download) is only $2.

The printed version is only $5 when sent to US addresses. There is a slight additional charge for international postage.

Get yours today!

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