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A needlepoint isn’t finished until it is stitched, needlepoint stitch guides help you go from the painted canvas to a finished piece of needle art.

Whenever you pick threads and stitches for your design, you are doing the same thing stitch guide writers do. The difference is that they write it down so that you can replicate their work and add your own stamp to it.

I have a confession, I adore stitch guides and love to write them. Being totally obsessed with needlepoint, I see canvases stitched and my fingers itch to put that into writing.

What is more I see every canvas, no matter how simple, as having interesting problems and opportunities to express ideas in stitches.

How do you make a black bowling ball stand out against a black background? The stitcher wants the letters to be “pouffy,” what thread will do that? Two canvases are the same but for two sons, how do I make them different?

I love the process, but I also know that for many stitchers, it is a difficult one. You may have paid lots of money for a guide which turns out to be mostly Basketweave (why did I spend so much on this?). You may find the guide confusing (how will I ever stitch this?). You may think the stitch doesn’t fit (why can’t I use this big stitch in this tiny space?).

Whatever the reason, my custom stitch guides are there to help. You’ll get a guide specifically made for you. From your stitching level to your least favorite thread, I take that all into account in creating the guide. I”m not happy until it’s the guide you want.

The end product is a guide you’ll love using, and affordibly priced.

In every guide I include:

  • full materials list
  • explanations of new techniques, many of which are unique and easy
  • diagrams of stitches
  • tips & ideas so you can use your knowledge on other projects

Until now, having a custom stitch guide was expensive, often costing more than $100. I know, I’ve written many of the. But I believe so strongly that you’ll love my guides and they will make you want to stitch that special canvas that I have drastically reduced the price.

My guides start at $65 and that price level covers most pieces.

Your no-cost, no obligation estimate starts with this form:

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