Melissa Shirley Canvases

melissa shirley haloween countdown calendar needlepoint stitch guide by janet perry

Why not countdown to Halloween with this delightful Halloween “advent calendar?” Including the background and thirteen pumpkins, it’s a delightful treat. The background is designed so that it looks great from beginning to end, it includes lots of decorative stitches and effects.

PDF $20, printed $25

melissa shirley bird needlepoint stitch guide by janet perry

Six bright birds with wings from a separate piece of canvas, make great projects for the beginning stitcher. Textured stitches and many different threads make them come alive. You’ll love them as stand-ups on poles or as ornaments.

PDF $20, printed $25

melissa shirley needlepoint cabin stitch guide by janet perry

Home Sweet Home is a charming cottage nestled in the woods. A canoe, flowers and plenty of wildlife surround it. You’ll be deligthed by the easy techniques and unusual stitches used to bring this canvas to life.

PDF $20, printed $25

melissa shirley needlepoint luggage tags stitch guide by janet perry

Four delightful creatures have guides in one book to be made as distinctive and elegant luggage tags, suitable for men or women. The tags feature simple stitches and techniques and feature silk threads. You can finish these yourself with Lee’s Needle Arts Luggage Tags or other round leather goods.

PDF $18, printed $22.

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