Kelly Clark Halloween

kelly clark halloween needlepoint witch, stitch guide by janet perry kelly clark halloween needlepoint scarecrow, stitch guide by janet perry kelly clark halloween needlepoint ghost trick or treater, stitch guide by janet perry
Kelly Clark’s Halloween designs are among my favorites — I love how she gets so much charming detail into every one of them. Stitch guides are available for three of them.

Pretty Witch is too cute to be scary. You’ll delight in stitching the special effects on this canvas including fire, logs, smoke, and a broom. From her wild curly hair to her miniskirt, there are also lots of great stitches in her skirt.

There’s lots of fun in Mr. Scarecrow as well. Silk ribbon makes a fast and easy corn stalk. You’ll love how a two-pass stitch makes a great straw hat. His clothes combine easy stitches with some overstitching to make them look worn. And don’t neglect the easy and unusual technique to make the spider and web.

Ghostly Treater ventures out into the Halloween night with his flashlight, his high tops and blue jeans covered by a sheet. He even has glow-in-the-dark bracelets for safety. I just love all the fun details Kelly packs into her canvases and with this effective stitch guide, you will no longer be afraid of night-time needlepoint scenes.

All guides are $14 PDF, $18 printed.

  • Pretty Witch PDF
  • Pretty Witch printed
  • Mr. Scarecrow PDF
  • Mr. Scarecrow printed
  • Ghostly Treater PDF
  • Ghostly Treater printed

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