Have you ever found yourself staring at that canvas you loved so much in the needlepoint shop that you HAD to buy it and found that you had no idea how to stitch it?

I have and I bet you have too.

Or do you find yourself wishing that you had a clever idea for a background? Are you stuck wondering what to do to stitch an area on a canvas? Or do you long for someone else to do the work of picking out threads and colors for you?

That’s where Needlepoint Stitch Guides comes in. A stitchers since 1970, Janet Perry has tried just about everything in needlepoint, discovering new methods and techniques along the way. Now she’s bringing her experience, knowledge, and love of needlepoint directly to you through her exciting stitch guide products.

Here you’ll find all kinds of custom and standard options, some costing as little as $3. You can buy already written guides (printed or as PDFs) for canvases from popular designers. You can get help with threads, backgrounds, or just an area or two on a canvas. You can learn fun techniques to make your needlepoint shine.

You can even order a custom stitch guide. Janet creates guides that are just for you. These guides are customized to your stitching level, your likes and dislikes, your LNS, and even to your stash. She can even help you make modifications to the canvas to make it just what you want. This level of customization has never been available at this popular price.

Help with stitches and threads is one of the biggest needs of stitches, yet many shops are reluctant to create them or don’t carry many guides already written. Or perhaps you have bought a guide and been dissatisfied. The guides are incomplete, don’t include diagrams, or don’t create the look you want. With a guide from Napa Needlepoint you will have everything you need. No more discontinued threads, missing diagrams, or incomplete guides — you’ll have what you need when you need it.

Let’s get started. Use the indexes listed on the right to search for products by designer, type of guide, or for those products on sale. You can even get sneak peeks of my latest projects.

Let’s get stitching . . .

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